Report: 21st Century Transportation for Colorado

Transportation Toolkit

Transportation for the 21st Century
Released by: CoPIRG Foundation and SWEEP

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This guide is intended to give you a sense of what some of the options are for making our communities better places - places where residents can safely and comfortably get around by walking, riding a bike, or riding transit, in addition to driving. Whether you are headed to school, work, the store or entertainment, there are too many places where the infrastructure, land use patterns and available services make it difficult to use your legs, your bike, a bus or a train (on their own or in combination). The good news is that all over Colorado, people have banded together with their local governments to make change. And you can too! Now’s a great time to push for multimodal transportation system in your community.

This guide has five main sections. The first section provides case studies of a range of Colorado communities that have made big strides on multimodal transportation. These stories are meant to inspire – to show that we can do big things anywhere in the state.

The next section offers a brief description of some of the key policies that a local government can adopt around transportation and land use planning to enable walkable and bikeable neighborhoods.

The next three sections list some of the key improvements that can be made to walking, biking, and transit systems with a particular focus on the types of changes that can be made at the local level, without big infusions of state and federal funds. Every enhancement that is highlighted in these sections has been implemented somewhere in Colorado, so we know that these are all possible here, as long as there is the political will and community support.

The guide is not meant to be all-inclusive, but we list useful references and resources in each section that will give far more detail.

Use this guide as a starting point for ideas, examples, the direction and the language to be an effective advocate in your community for more and better options to get people safely and efficiently where they want to go.

Let’s go Multimodal!

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