HOLDING HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES ACCOUNTABLE — When health insurance companies try to raise rates without first doing everything possible to cut waste and lower costs, CoPIRG pushes back.

Stopping Unjustified Rate Increases

Health insurance costs have climbed for years and experts say as much as a third of spending is waste. Health insurance companies should not raise rates until they do everything possible to cut waste and lower costs.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies are not doing everything they can to cut waste before raising costs for their customers. Since 2007, the Colorado Division of Insurance (DOI) has had the ability to review health insurance rate increases and have denied a number of inappropriate proposals, saving Coloradans over a $100 million.

On June 15th, health insurance companies' 2016 rates were released. The Divission of Insurance has until early September to review them and stop any unjustifiable proposals before the rates are locked in. So our Rate Watch campaign is calling on the DOI to dig deep and root out waste and abuse.

TAKE ACTION - Tell the DOI to scrutinize every proposal and ensure all rates are justified.

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