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Hundreds of Coloradans highlight need for Congress to act to tackle climate change and air pollution

Solutions exist to cut climate change pollution from our transportation system
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DENVER: CoPIRG Foundation staff gathered at an overlook of the dirty-air shrouded Denver skyline to highlight to the Colorado congressional delegation the urgency of going big on climate change and tackling the unhealthy ozone alert days millions of Coloradans have been exposed to this summer.

At the event, CoPIRG Foundation highlighted that cutting greenhouse gas emissions, especially from our transportation sector, will also result in reductions in ozone-fueling pollutants that have led to a record-breaking dirty air season.

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CoPIRG Foundation call for clean air action Credit: Staff


“With some of the worst air pollution in the world this summer, we need big action,” said Danny Katz, CoPIRG Foundation executive director. “Congress needs to know we have the solutions to reduce air pollution from our transportation system. We need to switch to cleaner, electric-powered vehicles and significantly increase investments in travel options like more and better bus service, and safer bicycle infrastructure and sidewalks.” 

At the event, staff announced that in three days, over six hundred Coloradans have signed a petition to Congress highlighting the urgent need to go big on climate solutions. Hundreds have also taken photos sending a message to their members of Congress, posted on social media, or made a phone call to a congressional office. 

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Coloradans join CoPIRG Foundation's call for clean air Credit: staff

A coalition letter has also generated two dozen sign-ons from businesses and groups across the state. Additional entities can sign-on here

Transportation is one of the two largest contributors to ozone pollution in the Front Range, as well as the single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions, which fuel the hotter, drier, more extreme fire seasons that adds additional smoke to our already ozone polluted skies.  

CoPIRG Foundation staff will continue to do outreach around the state in the coming months to ensure every member of Colorado’s delegation knows that urgent, bold action is needed now. 

CoPIRG Foundation is also lifting up air pollution solutions in the transportation space unveiled by CoPIRG. A detailed breakdown of these solutions can be found here

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