If you’re like me, you have been on the hunt for hand sanitizer and have had little luck. Grocery store shelves: empty. Online retailers: sold out or crazy expensive


Price gouging on essential items like hand sanitizer is a major concern for people across America, and states are currently working on legislative efforts to monitor and combat price gouging to protect consumers.
In the meantime, rather than travel to multiple different stores looking for hand sanitizer or pay a ridiculous price to order some, there are many things you can do to get the products you need to stay safe without spending a fortune. 
Following the lead of local distilleries and other companies, my mom decided to make homemade hand sanitizer using aloe vera, rubbing alcohol, and essential oils and insists that we carry a bottle of her homemade mixture with us whenever we leave the house. If you decide to try this, follow the WHO recommended recipe to make sure your hand sanitizer will actually be effective. To kill coronavirus, your final mixture must contain at least 60% rubbing alcohol, so it’s best to use 91% rubbing alcohol to make your sanitizer.



While hand sanitizer works, washing your hands properly works even better, and poorly made DIY hand sanitizer may not work at all. However, hand sanitizer is useful when you don’t have easy access to soap and water, such as when you are grocery shopping, and DIY hand sanitizer may be the best option for those who cannot find it on store shelves. 
Finally, hand sanitizer is not the only item affected by price gouging. Milk, toilet paper, medical equipment, and other essential items that are less DIY-friendly are seeing their prices rise from coast to coast. The best thing you can do to ensure you purchase reasonably priced, effective supplies during this pandemic is learn how to avoid price gouging and know what to do if you see it.

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