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Spreading the Word about Energy Conservation

AmeriCorps and CoPIRG volunteers visit Summit County students
Jessica Smith

Energy" was the word of the day at Summit Cove Elementary School on Thursday. Volunteers with AmeriCorps and CoPIRG, the Colorado Energy Service Corps, spent their spring break week visiting schools around Summit County to spread the word about energy conservation. This week, volunteers came from the University of Colorado in Boulder and Denver and from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Representatives from Fort Collins were in town last week.

This is the third year for the spring break service trip and the first time it has come to Summit County. "Our goal is to educate the next generation about renewable energy, pollution, things that are happening in the environment right now, because we want to spread that as much as possible," said Bernadette Leyba of Metropolitan State University in Denver. "They are the next generation.

They're the ones that are going to be impacting how far this goes and how much we can make a difference, and hopefully they will be spreading the word to their friends and family." Program director Kim Stevens said that the program's statewide goal is to educate around 20,000 students every year. In Summit County, she estimates they will reach at least 800 students. "Just today we are going to educate 300 kids," Stevens said, indicating the second-, third- and fourth-graders gathered to watch the presentation......

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